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The greatest tournament of Latvia

 Riga Cup is a well-known yearly tournament in Latvia. Traditionally even the people, never visiting another contests, arrive to it. Normally the tournament has about 150 participants.
 Tournament will happen in the main building of Riga Technical University at Kalku street, 1 on the right coast of river Daugava, at Stone Bridge. It's in Old Riga and is easy finding by any side as the building is big and at the wide Strelnieku square. Besides I think anybody in Riga know where it is.

 It's needed to registrate your participation. It can be doing through the site of Euroleague http://eurotablehockey.org or through our Federation (e-mail galdahokejs@delfi.lv, phone (371) 7371762, fax (371) 7821044). Report your name, surname, country, age and city/town. The fee is low; 2 Lats it's about 3 Euro. For juniors 1 Lat.12-00 will start the main tournament with 96 players in 4 groups (24 in each); after the round tournament they will be divided to 4 leagues (by 6 from each group) and playing a round again. 16 best players of the highest league will be playing play-offs after it. Theoretically, it can be ended at 19-00 already but it's better to believe in the best but be ready to the worst. Registration of arriving at place of tournament until 11-30.

 The high status of this tournament creates some troubles with organization which at last time were overcame with a hard squeak. We everybody hope at this time it will be more normally although I'm not among the optimists about it. Practically, our main troubles were poor working of software and bad condition of tables for the first round. The same troubles probably will be at this time, too at least about the second I am convinced. Also the lightning in that place isn't good (too low placing). In another, IMHO, all will be good.
 There was some questions about the safety in Riga. F.e., about taxis. In according with the warning of a responsible person of Federation, the using of taxis isn't safe because in each is siting a wolf and bites your ass :) But if seriously Riga, of course, as a dynamic capital and harbor of East-Europe isn't the safest place at world but if you don't walk drunk alone after a midnight and keep your purse in the inner pocket in Old Riga, I don't think you will be having any troubles in this sphere. Also reports in the international news about our troubles with minorities, fascism etc. usually are, softly speaking, exaggerated.
 Enough objective information about Riga you can find in the link to the tourist guide. From hotels Swedes preferred "Multilux", yet cheap places are Balta Kaza (Eveles 2, tel: (371) 737 81 35), Turiba (Graudu 68, tel: (371)761 75 43) etc.

News about Cup

  At 12. october the organizators of Riga Cup met and spoke about actual troubles. The most interesting things were:
  1.) The tables will be new therefore one from hardest problems of previous Riga Cup will be destroyed.
  2.) The schedule of main tournament (all foreigners will be playing in it):
12-15 groups contests,
15-16 break,
16-19 leagues,
19-19:30 break,
19:30-22:30 (appr.) play-offs.

We are intended this time to keep this schedule seriously.
  3.) If we'll have troubles with the computers again, we'll be not waiting until it works normally and will organize the contest without it.
  4.) The reserve tables will be near each group.

  I think it is the minimal conditions for a normal contest but if they will be kept the tournament will be acceptable for normal men.

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